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    Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery (SDLG)

    Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery (SDLG), first established in 1972, is a leading international manufacturer of construction machinery, and the national-level high-tech company. SDLG produces more than 100 kinds of products in three categories, namely, loaders, excavators and pavement construction machinery. Its pillar products are rated as China Famous-brand Product and Famous Trademark of China. SDLG has received many honorary titles including China’s Top 100 Enterprises in Machinery Industry, Leading Enterprise in the Industry, Credible and Reputed Enterprise, Single-item Champion Demo Company in Manufacturing Industry, National Labor Medal, Governor Quality Prize, National Quality Award in Machinery Industry, National Quality Prize, Asia Quality Excellence Prize,EFQM Global Excellence Award and National Quality Benchmark Company, etc.


    SDLG, maintaining sound partnership with leading universities and research institutes in China, has established the open and efficient system for technological cooperation and innovation. It has established the national-level technical center and Post Ph.D. work station. It undertakes a few R&D tasks in China’s 863 Program and those above the provincial level, obtaining more than 290 national patents.

    • 1972
    • 100 +
      Kinds of products
    • 290 +
    • 130 +
      Countries and regions
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    SDLG builds a recommended brand in the construction machinery

    SDLG has advanced technical apparatuses, testing equipment and management system, which ensure the product quality and performance. The customer satisfaction and market share of SDLG take the leading position in the industry. SDLG follows the core value of "efficiency first,leading technology", adhering to technological and management innovations, promoting the excellence performance management and LPS, and implementing the precision marketing and brand strategy. By constantly improving the operation efficiency, it has become a major tax payer for both provincial and municipal fiscal budgets. 

    SDLG keeps pushing forward the strategy of international operations, and enhancing cooperation and exchanges in technology, management and brand operation. As a result, SDLG is becoming more international in product layout, supporting system, HR and marketing. Till today, it has setup multiple production facilities and dozens of marketing & service outlets in the world, whose business reaches over 130 countries and regions and whose export has been increased considerably. 

    "Take the route of top brand, build a centennial SDLG", SDLG is working hard to build the leading international manufacturer of construction machinery. By making the intensive and innovative development, it aims to become the most satisfying and recommendable brand in the construction machinery industry. 


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